TrueType Tracks is the new techno label created by Xpansul and Daweed. After 4 years managing Discos De Lata, we decided it was about time to have our own imprint.

The label will focus on techno, of course, and its main goal is to keep supporting and promoting the music we love. For our first releases we already have stuff by Alexi Delano, Xpansul, Daweed, Jose Galban, Perc, Billy Dalessandro, Alex Under, Alessio Mereu, Virgil Enzinger…. And in the next few months we’ll announce a lot more.

True Type Tracks will be available on vinyl, distributed by DBH Music, and mp3, distributed by Beatport.

We love techno!


Xpansul & Damian Schwartz

For our fourth release we decided to take one of our favourite tracks from the Discos De Lata catalogue and give it to some friends to remix it. The tracks is Sour Mood by Xpansul and Damian Schwartz.

On Side A, the “capo” of the new sond from Chicago, Billy Dalessandro adds all that funk he has, with that remarkable Chicago flavour and a subtle touch of acid.

A solid track that keeps the hypnotic vibe of the original adding a tension that takes it to peak time territory.

On Side B, Spanish techno master, Alex Under, joins forces with super talented Argentinean producer Leo Grúnbaum, aka Grünbox, to deliver a piece of strong funky techno. The deep bass and groovy percussions are the foundations for a progression of hypnotic elements that make this a track a sure killer.

Plus we have to Digital Exclusive bonus dubs by Billy that take the track to a more minimalistic vibe, perfect for those crazy after parties.Chicago Dub is a great example of how dubby funk can be. Over Billy’s distinctive groove, jackin, dirty and bouncey, all the original twisted elements find a place to dance and enjoy themselves in order to make you jump.

The Alien Dub is 100% futuristic funk, with a sexy groove and all those twisted synths and mysterious atmospheres that take you to outer space.We love techno!



Here we are with "the magic number".

This time is all about peak time. Alessio and Virgil, masters of evil techno, board the boat with two amazing dance floor killers plus a dark, twisted, triplet beat bomb that will only be available on digital.

The Power Of The One, on Side A, has all the elements needed to make the crowd scream and jump: jackin' drums and all those layers of crazy synths creating that tension we all love.

On Side B, Kamun brings some elastic mayhem to our ears. Again, a dark dense atmosphere is the vehicle over which the tension evolves. This time, it's a fat sawtooth synth which adds all that frenzy to this peak time track.

As a bonus, we have See Me: twisted indeed, dark, of course, and, as always, peak time!



We are very happy to put this amazing track out. Hear This is one of those tracks you get hooked on as soon as you listen to it. A groove so jackin’ and rockin’, keyboards so deep and warm, bass so funk, and it keeps driving up. Timeless techno that we’ve been playing for a long time and crowds love it.

The man behind the track is José Galbán, French Spanish dj and producer to whom everybody should pay good attention as his talent and ability to create amazing vibes is astonishing. From his studio in Paris is been delivering tasty beats for long time now, and his fan club is growing fast.

But we are also very happy cause to remix this great tune we have techno master Ali Wells aka Perc, owner of Perc Trax, great discoverer of talent and awesome producer. He’s transformed the original into a peak time killer, in the Twilight Zone of hard techno. Solid, pumping, strong an driving, almost industrial. A sure beast for all those techno heads that still want to feel the adrenaline invading their brains.

We really hopw you like this one as much as we do.



True Type Tracks Starts Here With Two Artists That Have Created A Very Distinctive Sound Both Together And Solo, And Represent A Way Of Understanding Techno Music In Which We Firmly Believe.

Our Dynamic Duo Meets Again To Continue What They Started On The Ad Ltd Imprint. Two Tracks That Define Their Own Sounds And As The Two Artists Behind Them Fit So Well Together They Have To Be In The Same Plastic. As A Is For Alexi, Time Out Fills This Side With Powerful, Dirty, Jackin Driving Techno. Alexi Delivers A Track Were The Classic Flavour Of Techno Is Completely Infected By His Characteristic Twisted Futuristic Sequences. The Track Grows Full Of Tension And It s A Sure Killer. It s Funk, It s Dark, It s Strong. On Side B, Xpansul Signs A Playful Techno Track Full Of Swing And Funk, Hip Techno A La Xpansul. Jackin Beats And Dubby Bass Support Several Freaking Melodies That Build This Trip To Dancefloor Madness.

We Love Techno!